I’ve moved!

Taaa daaaa! I’ve been working for months – editing my photos from the previous summer, and creating a brand new website to showcase my fiancee and my photos. Please visit Ghost Bear Photography and like us on Facebook!

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Mmm, breakfast!

This was the biggest grizzly I have ever seen! The ranger said he was over 800lbs, and boy was he hungry. Hungry for fish! Hope you aren’t eating your own breakfast while viewing this one.

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Hey! What are you doing?

Bighorn sheep have the funniest expressions of any animal I have encountered! There were about 15 of these guys munching away on the grasses in Glacier National Park, Montana. After talking with a few of the rangers, they (and we) noticed the explosion of these sheep in this area in the past two years. Fewer […]

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A balancing act.

This black bear cub in Waterton Lakes National Park put on quite a show for me this summer. He could stand on a branch, hang off with one arm, and generally act like a little monkey. Adorable!

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I’m Back!

It’s been over 3 months since I’ve posted, 2.5 of those months I have been immersed in wilderness – visiting Yellowstone, Jasper, Riding Mountain, and even Alaska! I’m in the process of going through over 6,000 photos, and I thought I would start with this one: We were lucky enough to spot this great grey […]

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The ultimate ‘wildlife’

This guy, my lil pup Peabody is so much more temperamental and difficult than any grizzly or black bear, elk, marmot, wolf, you name it… Once he spots a camera, he wants nothing to do with it. I was eventually able to capture the sparkle in his eye, as he spotted a seagull floating close to my condo.

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