Owl #2

About two weeks ago, I was able to capture an elusive northern saw-whet owl. It was such a tiny and cute little guy. So yesterday I went back to the scene of the crime to try to find this owl. No such luck, but alas, we were able to capture a barred owl instead, just […]

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Guest Post: The Tundra Swan

By: Dave Cooper Photography – check out his site, he has some outstanding photographs from Canada, USA, and Europe. He can do it all: portrait, landscape, wildlife, sports…you name it! This large bird, formerly known as the “Whistling Swan” is white in colour, has a black beak, feet and legs. Some may appear to have a […]

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Evil Rabbit

But I’m serious. This guy, shot at Mammoth in Yellowstone, was actually creepy. I wanted to post that, “Awwww, Happy Easter — here’s a bunny” shot. But this hare really gave me, and a few other observers, the ‘un-happy Easter’ vibe. Perhaps it was because it was mid-July and it was not anywhere close to […]

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Breaking the ice

Two weeks ago I was testing out my camera to see if all the buttons and lenses and batteries and who knows what, all were still functioning. I was able to capture a ton of shots of swans, geese, and ducks playing around on the thin ice. Every setting was attempted, every angle was represented, […]

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Wednesday’s Wish List

Last week, I had my eye on a great lens that would compliment my Nikon D300, oh so nicely. This week, it’s all about filters to help me amp up my landscape photographs. One of the first things that landscape photographers have told me (aside from using a tripod) is to purchase a neutral density […]

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Bison on the Prowl

Taken in Hayden Valley in beautiful Yellowstone National Park this past summer. He did not look happy to be having a photo taken of him. I quickly got my shot, and drove off, leaving him to chew on his grass in peace. PS – check out my blog at the Royal Ontario Museum . I am […]

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It was a dark and stormy night.

Taken in Jasper, Alberta in August of last year. This was the first in a series of shots of a developing storm along Maligne Lake Road. The colours in the sky were absolutely incredible, and I was lucky enough to have a decent reflection mirroring those colours as well. This storm was one of the […]

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Wednesday’s Wish List

I was window shopping (or should I say ‘screen shopping’) online last night for photo gear. Since receiving a Nikon D300 from my fiancee, I’ve been searching for accessories to help fuel my growing love for photography. This is what I have been eyeing: Nikon AF-S 300mm f/2.8 VR II ED Telephoto Lens Professional, fast-aperture super […]

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What a hoot!

The northern saw-whet owl – we discovered this tiny owl sitting on a low branch on a nature path near Whitby, Ontario. We waited hours for it to open it’s eyes…and it really paid off. Look at those intense yellow irises! Find my full story at the Royal Ontario Museum .

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