Can’t get any cuter.

This was one of three cubs of the year that were cruising along Maligne Lake Road in Jasper, Alberta two summers ago. They were probably the cutest things I have ever seen (aside from my puppy). I hope to see them again this summer…much bigger, and healthy! Advertisements

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What a way to ruin a photo!

Come on guys. I had a great landscape shot set up! These bighorn sheep decided to crash my attempt at landscape photography, while in Jasper this past summer. After setting up my camera on a tripod and double checking the settings, I looked up and saw a herd/cackle/group/pasture…whatever the name is of these guys coming […]

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The coming storm.

I captured a shot of my fiancee, who was capturing a shot of this enormous storm cloud that was forming over Maligne Lake Road in Jasper National Park.  I’ve seen my share of storms over the years, but this cloud bank was very uniquely coloured and quickly developing. We took a few more shots, and […]

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Mr. Elk’s Friend

I have a favorite elk in Jasper National Park, Alberta. This is his friend, slightly smaller rack. But what I love about this photo is the colour of the water behind him, along with the green, purple and tan weeds. Something about the colour in the glacial lakes is absolutely breathtaking. I don’t think there […]

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