What a way to ruin a photo!


Come on guys. I had a great landscape shot set up!

These bighorn sheep decided to crash my attempt at landscape photography, while in Jasper this past summer. After setting up my camera on a tripod and double checking the settings, I looked up and saw a herd/cackle/group/pasture…whatever the name is of these guys coming up the cliff.

At least they were in focus.

Photographs I love: D. Simon Jackson Photography

Screen shot 2013-04-23 at 6.08.38 PM

The Spirit Bear – Great Bear Rainforest – British Columbia, Canada

A good news post.

I’ve been helping to support the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition for a while now and they are on the brink of victory.

The victory is protecting this very unique and endangered kermode bear, or spirit bear, only found on the B.C. coast of Canada.

Please read on for two ways you can help confirm that this beautiful black bear sub-species can safely exist here in Canada.

Two Ways to Help Save the Spirit Bear this Spring

After nearly two decades of work, we’re on the brink of saving the spirit bear.

This spring, help us take the final steps toward reaching our goals by supporting two visions that will strengthen our campaign, generate support and challenge youth to champion a new social movement for a wilder world.

1. Help us finish our first social movement, our campaign to save the spirit bear.

For nearly two decades, our volunteer-run organization has helped make the spirit bear a house-hold name around the world and translated the support of millions into meaningful and lasting policy change for the spirit bear. From political and business agreements to what was North America’s largest land protection measure, we have not only helped set aside critical land for the spirit bear, but also ensured its continued conservation is supported by people from all walks of life and of all political stripes.

As we seek to put ourselves out of business by finishing the job we started, we ask for your support in helping us raise $7500 to ensure that whoever wins the upcoming BC election knows what needs to be done to finish establishing meaningful sanctuary for the spirit bear and allow us to build a new online presence for the Youth Coalition to help us share our story in the quest to empower emerging young leaders to learn from our successes and failures as they seek to carry on our legacy.

Every dollar counts and we are, as always, grateful for your continued support and generosity.

2. Help us build a new social movement, CoalitionWILD, to create a wilder world.

We know we need to protect nature. It’s what sustains all life on this planet. While the threats facing our world are almost too many to count, hope is not lost. There are seven billion of us – each with a passion; each with a skill set. And when we each do our part – when we do one simple positive act – anything is possible.

For this reason, in partnership with The WILD Foundation and The Murie Center, the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition is creating CoalitionWILD – a new social movement of people under 30 to working to create a wilder world.

The initiative seeks to inspire and empower young people to create a new movement for nature – one that unites people across political divides, from all walks of life and from all corners of the globe – by providing a social media platform for innovative ideas, on-the-ground projects, activities and events. By focusing attention on the power of younger generations to initiate change, we want to take the lessons learned through the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition and help catalyze thousands of ventures that will establish a new vision for a wilder world.

As we prepare to launch this new movement at WILD10 in Spain this October, we want to hear about your brilliant idea to help nature. Join us in building the CoalitionWILD movement by registering your idea to create a #wilderworld for a chance to present your vision at WILD10 and for the opportunity to receive funding and mentorship for a year.

I know a really great place to find moose.


Kootenay National Park, near Radium Hot Springs in British Columbia. This baby moose was hanging out at Kindersley Pass trailhead, after I spotted him/her and its mom smack dab in the middle of the highway.

Dangerous! Luckily no one else was around, and I made sure they shuffled off the road. I hope they didn’t come back out.

Egads – that stuff makes me nervous.

The coming storm.


I captured a shot of my fiancee, who was capturing a shot of this enormous storm cloud that was forming over Maligne Lake Road in Jasper National Park. 

I’ve seen my share of storms over the years, but this cloud bank was very uniquely coloured and quickly developing. We took a few more shots, and I made sure to capture the ‘water paint’ like look of the lake in front of us.

Not sure if it was all the mosquitos, or the gnarly looking clouds, now almost over us, that made me pull the man up and head back to the car.

Photographs I Love: Dave Cooper Photography

I am starting a new series of posts that highlight some photographs that I have come across that I have fallen in love with. There are so many amazing photographers out there, and I come across tons of inspiring photos.

The first in this series is from Dave Cooper Photography.

Screen shot 2013-04-18 at 6.44.50 PM

This black bear cub is one of two cubs that spontaneously burst out of the brush and climbed up a tree right behind Roosevelt Lodge in Yellowstone National Park this past summer.

I was actually in the area when Dave Cooper Photography took this shot.

I was actually in the lodge.

I was actually waiting for coffee to be served.

Oops. I am a bad wildlife photographer.

Mr. Elk’s Friend

Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 10.01.03 AM

I have a favorite elk in Jasper National Park, Alberta.

This is his friend, slightly smaller rack. But what I love about this photo is the colour of the water behind him, along with the green, purple and tan weeds. Something about the colour in the glacial lakes is absolutely breathtaking. I don’t think there is an ugly area to find in Jasper (I’m blocking my mind from the smells of the ‘transfer station’ road though).

Makes me really want to be in Jasper right NOW!