The ultimate ‘wildlife’

This guy, my lil pup Peabody is so much more temperamental and difficult than any grizzly or black bear, elk, marmot, wolf, you name it… Once he spots a camera, he wants nothing to do with it. I was eventually able to capture the sparkle in his eye, as he spotted a seagull floating close to my condo.

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Waterton National Park

Waterton, Alberta. Part of the International Peace Park, along with Glacier in Montana. One of my favorite places in the world. You might recognize a similar shot as the header for my blog! I’m counting down the days until I am here again. The first thing I will do will be the Bear’s Hump hike […]

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Peek a boo

This photograph was taken in Jasper, Alberta. I was shooting a few landscape shots in the area, and turned around to see this lil guy peeking at me through the tall grass. So cute!

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What do you think this griz is thinking about, as she gazes off into the distance? Did I forget to turn the oven off earlier? What was the name of this weed again? I hope my sister doesn’t call when I am out again today.

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