Photo Bomb!

I was setting up my camera for this landscape shot two summers ago, while in Grand Teton National Park. This was when I was brand new to photography, so my fiancee was demonstrating how to change settings, the ISO, blah blah, etc.

Whoops. This grizzly bear (the famous 399) decided to photo bomb my photography lesson.

Screen shot 2013-04-13 at 10.04.16 AM

One of my favorite photos…it makes me laugh every time!

PS – we were sitting in my car, balancing my camera on the window sill, like a tripod. All safe and sound!


11 thoughts on “Photo Bomb!

  1. I would love that! The closest I’ve been to a grizzly is at MN zoo. The grizzly hit my hand with his paw. But the thick glass was in between. I had my hand on the glass trying to hold still while taking photo. But the glass moved and it scared me!

    1. He is actually the person that got me into it! We have so much fun when we are out shooting together. He has taught me a lot, and he has a great instinct on where to find wildlife.

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