Owl #2

About two weeks ago, I was able to capture an elusive northern saw-whet owl. It was such a tiny and cute little guy.

So yesterday I went back to the scene of the crime to try to find this owl. No such luck, but alas, we were able to capture a barred owl instead, just down the road.

I’ll take it!


This guy was much easier to capture, than the saw-whet. He posed, gave me a side profile, winked at me, flew around, bowed, and did the gagnam style dance. Kidding on that last one…or am I?


10 thoughts on “Owl #2

    1. Thanks, Deb! I was talking with one of the birders there, and they told me that it was a common misconception that owls are nocturnal. They actually hunt all day! Well, this kind anyway.

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