What a view!


Waterton National Peace Park, Alberta. One of my favorite views from the Prince of Wales Hotel.


15 thoughts on “What a view!

  1. Have you been there often and if so, is this the best place to stay? I hope to visit Waterton for the first time this year (sad considering I’ve lived in Alberta for well over 20 years)

    1. I’ve been there now three years in a row. The first year I actually stayed at an inn in the town (I forget the name – it was the last room in the town…book early!). The next two years I stayed at the campsites (both the town site and Crandall campgrounds). The Prince of Wales is a dream of mine, but since I stay out in the wilderness for over 2 months, it’s more affordable to camp. You will fall in love if you visit! Let me know if you would like any recommendations on hikes, food, etc.

      1. Thanks, I’d definitely be interested in some hiking or food recommendations. My wife and I aren’t campers, so we will certainly check out the Prince of Wales availability and rates. Chances are we would make the trip in July or August (or maybe September if it means it is a lot less busy).

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