What a view!


Waterton National Peace Park, Alberta. One of my favorite views from the Prince of Wales Hotel.


15 thoughts on “What a view!

  1. Have you been there often and if so, is this the best place to stay? I hope to visit Waterton for the first time this year (sad considering I’ve lived in Alberta for well over 20 years)

    • I’ve been there now three years in a row. The first year I actually stayed at an inn in the town (I forget the name – it was the last room in the town…book early!). The next two years I stayed at the campsites (both the town site and Crandall campgrounds). The Prince of Wales is a dream of mine, but since I stay out in the wilderness for over 2 months, it’s more affordable to camp. You will fall in love if you visit! Let me know if you would like any recommendations on hikes, food, etc.

      • Thanks, I’d definitely be interested in some hiking or food recommendations. My wife and I aren’t campers, so we will certainly check out the Prince of Wales availability and rates. Chances are we would make the trip in July or August (or maybe September if it means it is a lot less busy).

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