Ol Friends

Ol Friends

I call this guy scruffy. He’s been my friend for the past two years. The first year we met, I was suffering from a migraine and taking a nap in my car, while my boyfriend was out shooting landscape shots. This lil guy magically appeared when I awoke, eating peacefully beside my car. He didn’t mind when I started shooting off a few rounds from my camera, before taking another rest.

Here he is a year later (this summer, with a better camera). We were stuck in a ‘bear jam’ and there were about 40-50 people stopped to take photos of him. He surely felt a little crowded and decided to cut through the masses, cross the road, and set up an area to munch away right beside my little red car again. I just had to sit and enjoy his company, while shielding him from the crazy tourists.

Yes, it’s the same guy, right? Found him in the exact same spot, with the same funky back hair….


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